Our equipment is reliable and meets the needs of your facility.


From top manufacturers, we offer new, demo, and refurbished equipment.


Service contracts and warranties are available at a discount of up to 50%

Taking care of our customers is our business

With more than ten years of experience in providing cutting-edge technology and services, THN Trading is a leading provider of tailored solutions for businesses of all kinds. The company was started by a group of friends who wrote their ideas down on a piece of paper and today we offer dozens of clients a variety of smart, innovative services.

In order to design the solutions that we offer our clients, we listened carefully to their needs and expectations, and we knew how to meet those expectations. Our team of experts knows how to analyze this data and tailor our offering according to changing market needs. Would you like to learn more about THN Trading?

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Client Testimonials

“I have been using THN Trading products for years. Their products are of superior quality and long lasting durability. My complete satisfaction with their products motivates me to further recommend them to other users.”

“THN Trading manufactures a broad selection of products of excellent quality. It is very convenient for my hospital to be able to get everything under one roof at a very reasonable price.”

Preferred Demo and Refurbished Medical Equipment Vendor for all Major GPO’s in the Country